..:::What's New:::..

Happy New Year!!! 2015 was a fabulous year of making new connections and deepening
long standing ones. We are now in our 20th year of providing some of the highest fidelity pickups on the market
and our global reach is ever expanding. Working hands on with world instrument players has helped us optimize
our systems and our 2016 product line is better than ever.
Our commitment to environmental sustainability is ever strong. All of our products are produced locally using
100% renewable energy and all of our packaging and printed matter is made from recycled, compostable materials.
Customers are loving MiSi's battery free Preamps and we are thrilled to have them as a part of our product offerings.
There are lots of great things on the horizon so stay tuned...

::Featured Band - Elephant Revival::

Elephant Revival is a soulful, seductive quiver of songwriters and multi-instrumentalists that reign from points all across America. Since Oct 06' Daniel Rodriguez, Bonnie Paine, Dango Rose, Sage Cook and Bridget Law have herded in a greatly applauded neo-acoustic gyptic revival at festivals, theaters, clubs and house concerts from the Pacific coast to the rolling hills of New England. The Revival plays entirely original music with a few carefully chosen traditionals and eclectic cover tunes but their precise genre is hard to pin down. As independent film director Mikey Eberle elaborates, "When I hear Elephant Revival I am struck by my inability to define it. I am forced to confront the music as it is, connecting to it with a virgin spirit of mind. Consequently it feels like I am experiencing music and all its joys for the very first time."

Elephant Revival's album 'These Changing Skies' was rated by NPR Music as one of the Top 10 Folk & Americana albums of 2013!

Working with these brilliant young musicians has been such a highlight in our Pick-up the World careers and we encourage you to visit their website, see them live and pick up / download a copy of each of their fabulous albums! www.elephantrevival.com